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Do the next right thing

So we've finally made it to February, despite the fact that somehow January felt like the longest year of all time. Rather than writing a Happy New Year post in January, even though it was so long, I thought I'd take a different approach and do a February check in post. I, like most people, set some New Years resolutions, ranging from small things like "wash my face twice a day" to vague things like "be tidier" and then bigger things like career goals. I'm always guilty of falling off the wagon pretty quickly after setting my goals, and in some instances I haven't even started them at all, so I've decided to focus on a different approach this year, and it's inspiration came from an unlikely place... Frozen II. Do the next right thing. It's something that Anna mentions early on in the film, and then proceeds to turn into a whole musical number. And it really stuck with me. I'm looking at this from two perspectives, the firs