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Galentine's Day: Love Song

As luck would have it, this year's Galentine's Day is falling on WIT Wednesday, so I thought I'd take a brief moment to say thank you to all the awesome women in my life. Founded by the one and only Leslie Knope, Galentine's Day is about ladies celebrating ladies, and we all need a bit more Shine Theory in our lives! This past year and a half (ish) has provided me with opportunities to connect with so many amazing women, who have all inspired me in some form or another, so this is going to sound a little bit like a love letter, but if not on Galentine's Day, then when!? I know I'm the master of my own destiny, but I am grateful to each and every person that I've had an interaction with since the start of my Salesforce journey. To all the wonderful women, lovely ladies, fierce females and smashing sisters in my life - I'm thankful for each and every one of you. From the greater Ohana who lift me up every day, to the women in my WIT group, to the ama

Admin to Admin: My Shot

From Admin to Admin - Administration to Administrator. I'm going to post on this topic a few times going forward, as I'm a big advocate for those in Administration roles moving into the role of Salesforce Administrator - primarily because, that's my story. As some of you may already know, I was recently promoted to the role of "Technology and Project Manager", but to be honest, is it really a promotion if you're already doing the work anyway!? So while I've been thinking about what that title means, and how I've ended up here, I wanted to share part of my journey, and specifically the impact Salesforce has had on my career so far. Even though I am still part of the Administration team, since we started using Salesforce I've moved up in the ranks, beginning at "Executive Assistant & IT Coordinator" to when we implemented in late 2017, to just "IT Coordinator" once we were using it regularly in 2018, and now that I ha