Admin to Admin: My Shot

From Admin to Admin - Administration to Administrator. I'm going to post on this topic a few times going forward, as I'm a big advocate for those in Administration roles moving into the role of Salesforce Administrator - primarily because, that's my story.

As some of you may already know, I was recently promoted to the role of "Technology and Project Manager", but to be honest, is it really a promotion if you're already doing the work anyway!? So while I've been thinking about what that title means, and how I've ended up here, I wanted to share part of my journey, and specifically the impact Salesforce has had on my career so far.

Even though I am still part of the Administration team, since we started using Salesforce I've moved up in the ranks, beginning at "Executive Assistant & IT Coordinator" to when we implemented in late 2017, to just "IT Coordinator" once we were using it regularly in 2018, and now that I have well and truly taken the reigns and am the Captain of the ship, to my current title.

Diving a little deeper, when I first started back in 2011, my title was "Administrative Assistant", and now as a "Salesforce Administrator", I've travelled the path of "Admin to Admin"!

So how did I end up here? To again quote #Hamilforce, I did not throw away My Shot... and boy do I have a lot of brains, but no polish!

My company decided to implement Salesforce, and as the almost Accidental Admin, I went for it. And while it's all well and good to think that you just need for your company to choose Salesforce for you to have that opportunity and succeed, it is really up to you to make sure you're not throwing away your shot.

I've spent hours upon hours on Trailhead, studying, researching and sandboxing to come up with the best solution for my business, which has also given me the opportunity to skill up in the process.

When we had our promotion announcement in the office, each person had a couple of things read out as to what we had done to deseve a promotion over the course of 2018, and mine included the facts that I completed my Salesforce Administrator Certifcation, and that I was a speaker at Dreamforce. Definitely a proud #AwesomeAdmin moment.

I'm going to keep it short this time, but rest assured I will be talking about this topic again in the future, and how it can work for others, but for now, I'm bringing it back down to a one liner - Salesforce has changed my life, and pulled me out of the "typing pool".

Where it all began...
Soundtrack: My Shot - Hamilton


  1. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing. It's always so wonderful to know the real life stories of our sheroes!


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