Dreamforce 2022: Rolling in the Deep

 I know it's been a long time between drinks, but I'm back!

The past few years have been rough on well, everyone, but for me in particular it's taken a huge toll on my mental health and wellbeing. So all that to say, I'm back! I was lucky enough to attend Dreamforce 2022, my first conference event time visiting the US since Dreamforce 2019! 

Now, I struggle with anxiety, and have since I was a kid, and I'm as much an introvert as I am an extrovert, so these events can take their toll on me, but I left feeling invigorated.

Here are my highlights:

#1 The Family Reunion

Dreamforce is always a Family Reunion, but this year felt extra special. It felt like no time had passed since last seeing my fellow Trailblazers, but then it's also hard to remember that it was literally three years ago.

I know that we're still not through the pandemic, but it felt really good to have a sense of normalcy and be around wonderful people and learning all the things. In particular, it meant getting to see some of my very best friends after three long years, and within the first day, my "cup" was positively overflowing!

I also got to meet some other wonderful folks for the first time who I had the pleasure of meeting online, including my mentee Charles Fosbroke, and Vanessa Grant who gave an amazing session at my Toronto Women In Tech Community Group on Personal Branding.

#2 Two Awesome Sessions

Along with fellow Golden Girls fan, Holly Rushton, we gave two completely full presentations on 10 Apps to make lives easier for Admins! 

#3 AwesomeAdmin shenanigans

My base at Dreamforce is always the Admin Meadow, as it's the best place to learn how to be the Awesomest Admin I can be! This year I loved the Admin Skills story in particular. My favourite session was the Admin Release Readiness Live - extra live, with the Admin keynote of course a close second.

The Admin shenanigans also continued after hours where I tried Karaoke on a whole different scale 😹

#4 Simu Liu and the Super Power of intention

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Simu Liu, especially his breakthrough role as Jung Kim on Canada's own Kim's Convenience, so I was thrilled to see his session with some of my fellow Simu fans, Rachel Park Brayboy, Jeanette Jett and Jen Lee!

These two particular quotes really resonated with me and will definitely be inspiring a future blog post. Jung Kim has definitely done some growing up - Simu has such a great energy and is so engaging and inspiring.

Dreamforce 2022 came at a time when I needed a bit of a confidence boost, and I'm happy to say it did just that!

Soundtrack: Rolling in the Deep, for obvious reasons!


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