So I was on the train the other day, and it finally dawned on me that I should start blogging again... especially now that I have something I can wax lyrical on for hours. Who would have thought a former publicist would actually miss writing? I started thinking about what an adventure this is turning out to be... and so my natural progression was to one of my favourite 80s movies (even though I only watched it for the first time this year)... Adventures in Babysitting.

I plan on being very active in the community, so I figured it might be good to document my journey along the way. So here's a little bit about me - born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I moved to Toronto, Canada in 2011. In 2017 my company decided to move CRMs over to Salesforce, and just like that I became an accidental admin.

I'm the leader of the Toronto Women In Tech user group, a certified admin, a Trailhead Ranger and enjoy playing the trumpet and comic book culture when I'm not Salesforcing.

What am I going to write about? Well... anything and everything. I'll have a few posts coming up from the past few weeks and my time at WITness Success. 

Until next time... Don't mess with the babysitter.


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