Self Care Series: New Day Come

So I'm going to be completely honest... I didn't do a whole lot over the holidays... but it was just what I needed! Even though I feel like I say this every, 2018 was a crazy year... and I was grateful for the week and a half to recharge. 

I spent some time studying, and was considering sitting the Platform App Builder exam before the end of the year, but after chatting it through with my perpetually supportive husband, I decided to push it back to 2019. I'm not quite where I'd like to be for some of the topics, and why rush? I've been in the eco system for a but over a year, and I already have one cert. 

Sometimes we have to make decide whether to push ourselves, or whether to recharge... and I chose to recharge... and I have absolutely no regrets. 

I had my birthday and participated in a range of self care from getting a massage, to getting my nails done, as well as two Superhero movies and Thai food!

So now it's officially 2019, a new day has come, I've got to find my momentum and I feel like something big is coming. The year ends in 9, and that's my lucky number, so while I'm not entirely sure what is waiting for me just past the horizon, here is what I have planned so far:

Never. Stop. Learning.

Platform App Builder Certification
I love building Apps, particularly on the Lightning Platform. This is why I'm an App Builder Lightning Champion after all!

Advanced Administrator Certification
I love being an Awesome Admin, so this is just the natural progression.

Non-Profit Sector
I've always been involved in charities and non-profit organisations, and with the new Non-Profit Cloud Consultant Certification, I figured I would start looking into the industry with the hopes to one day feel up to the challenge of the certification.

Community Conferences
Career Self Care - professional

Part of why I moved to Toronto over Vancouver was so I'd be closer to Europe, and I could hop "over the pond" whenever I felt like it. So after seven years here, I'm still yet to make the trip... until this coming March! 

Shocker, I know. Canada's first Community Event, of which I have the honour of being part of the Planning Committee! I'm so excited to help bring a Dreamin event to Canada - there's a lot of work to be done, but it will be worth it. Give'r.

This is pretty much a staple in my conference rotation now. I learned so much about myself last year, and I can't wait for another amazing empowering experience this year. 

Journey of Self Discovery
Career Self Care - personal

I'm not only working on professional development this year, I'm going to put more of an emphasis on personal development as well.

A program I heard about when listening to Emma B-F on the Salesforce Admins podcast, Bossed Up bootcamp is aimed at woman who are a pivot point, and looking at what's next. 

Powerful Purpose was one of the sponsors of WITness Success 2018, and since then I've been on Pam's mailing list. A surprising number of times, her emails with nuggets of wisdom have been just what I needed to see at that time, so her book #NUGGET 28 Days of Self Discovery seemed like a no brainer!

So to all of you out there, Appy New Year! I hope you have a plan to work on yourself for 2019. 

Soundtrack: New Day Come - Shapeshifter. This one goes out to my Kiwi friends, and dub step fans!

Appy New Year!


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