Friday, 24 May 2019

TrailblazerDay - Life is a Highway

I honestly wasn't sure if I should write this post, but a wise friend told me that sharing my thoughts, however briefly would definitely be worthwhile... so here goes...

On May 15 I found myself in Indianapolis with some of my of my friends from the Salesforce ecosystem for the Inaugural Trailblazer Day. When I received the invite for the event there wasn't a whole lot of information, but it sounded like an opportunity too good to pass up, so off I went to the crossroads of America.

Pit side with the Salesforce 48 crew!
The day started at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway  for the Indy 500 practise sessions with JR Hildebrand who shared his love of data science with us, and then on to a sneak peak of the upcoming TrailheaDX keynote session... but I know what you're all really interested in.

I don't like to talk about politics, but I'm sure you, dear reader, have a pretty good idea of where I fall in terms of my views, so I'll leave it at that. To round out our first day, we were joined for dinner by Marc Benioff, the Governor of Indiana, JR Hildebrand... and Ivanka Trump.

The following morning back at Indy Trailhead Tower,  with Marc and Ivanka... Zac Otero, Shonnah Hughes and Stephanie Herrera shared their stories of how they've been able to overcome the obstacles in their lives and empower their careers through the power of Trailhead, Salesforce, and the Trailblazer Community.

I've had a number of people reach out to me about Trailblazer Day and their thoughts on the situation... For me, what it comes down to is this. Someone who has the power to help with jobs and skills shortages in the US was put in a room to listen to the stories of my friends and hear about the magic of the community. Time will tell if anything will come, but credit where credit is due - Marc facilitated a unique opportunity for our community to share our stories.

With everything that has transpired since, and all of the very colourful reactions, I'm choosing to focus on the wonderful time that I had with friends from all over the world, especially my Life with Goldie sisters from Australia, new friends from Europe, and of course my Salesforce sisters Bhavana Singh, Rachel Park and way too many more to be able to count.

Big thanks to Erica, Holly and Becky for pulling this all together!

Soundtrack: Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
In honour of JR Hildebrand... and my only knowledge of racing, Disney's Cars.

For my adventure in pictures, check out my Twitter moment.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

TrailheaDX 2019 Tips and Tricks: Get Ready

TrailheaDX is only a few weeks away, and I can barely contain my excitement! I shared some "official" thoughts on Why Admins should attend TrailheaDX on the Salesforce Admins blog, but I figured I could share some fun "unofficial" thoughts as well as some tips and tricks here.


Get yourself a Clipper Card - it's the transit card for the Bay Area. You can get one at the airport (not to mention many other places), and depending on where you're staying, get the BART to right near Moscone. I definitely recommend riding the Heritage Street Car up Market Street to Fisherman's Wharf if you have the time too.

Getting from the airport -  If you're not staying near a BART station, and as an alternate to taking a Ride Share (Ride share surge rates can get a little crazy depending o when you arrive) or Taxi, Super Shuttle is a great option. It's less than $20US one way, and will drop you right at your door.

Extra Curricular Events

Keep an eye out on twitter for links to Parties happening. There won't be as many as Dreamforce, but they're definitely worth attending.


Pick up your Conference badge as soon as you can. Registration opens at 2pm on Tuesday - I'll be there right for opening.

Planning your Days

More and more sessions are being added every day - Agenda Builder will go live a week or so out from the conference, so start having a look book marking sessions that tickle your fancy, as well as make sure you have the Salesforce Events App ready to go. Bookmark everything you're interested in so if you're unable to get the first session you'd hoped to, or you got caught up chatting to a new friend, you already have an idea of what else you can do! (edit - Agenda builder is now live!)

Make sure you bring a powerbank to keep your app powered throughout the day.

Becase I'm Appy

Speaking of Apps... The Dreamoji app is a whole lot of fun and can add a bit of extra whimsy to your social media during the week. A TDX update will go live around the time the Agenda is added to the Events App.

Make Friends

I touched on that in my official thoughts, but I really mean it. Making friends and connecting with the Salesforce Ohana last year was a total game changer for me. Strike up a conversation with a new friend and make plans to keep in touch swing by Community Cove to talk to the Community volunteers and take in a session if available.

If you're not sure where to start and are looking for friends to have dinner with, check here! You can also start getting active on social in advance to make some new friends - @trailhead and #TDX19.


While not as crazy as Dreamforce, TDX is still PLENTY swagalicious. We've already heard about OG Astronaut Astro and Hootie plushies available at this year's event, so make sure you leave room to bring home goodies! You earn them by completing various tasks and challenges during the days, so keep an eye out for the Quest in the Events App (another reason to download it).

If stickers are your thing, stop at every booth/table/welcome desk you see - multiple times a day. You'll find all sorts of different ones and new ones are sometimes switched out throughout the day well. I also picked up some pretty handy "cheat sheet" documentation at the welcome desk last year too - it definitely came in handy a study resource.

If you happen to see Astro's Mom around, she always has a supply of the rarest stickers you can find. (bonus tip: Attend her session for the BEST prizes!)

Still have more questions? Reach out and I'll do my best to help! See you in San Francisco - don't forget to say hi!

Soundtrack: Get Ready - The Temptations

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