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Dreamforce 2023

The past year has been a rollercoaster, but I'm back with regular content! First up - the number 1 topic at the moment - post Dreamforce takeaways and AI thoughts. As regular readers of "Adventures in Salesforcing" well know, I never focus on the most technical of content, but I feel as though there are a lot of non-technical takeaways that come into play with AI that aren't getting enough love. So without further a do, here are my key takeaways! Like it or not, Generative AI is here to stay While yes, we go through waves of being excited about new features in this digital age, generative AI is not going anywhere. I'm not saying you need to start plugging everything into Chat GPT, in fact, I suggest that you don't do that, but that you start thinking about use cases for you and other members of your team, even if you are not ready to start acting on them.  But what if I don't want to? Even if you're not acutely aware of it, you are likely using some fo