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#AwesomeAdmin Utility Belt: Account Executives / Thank you for Being a Friend

I'm very passionate about being an #AwesomeAdmin, so I've decided to start another series - the #AwesomeAdmin Utility Belt! As Admins, we use our Superpowers everyday to help our users, and we rely on our various tools from our Utility Belts, as we're superheros afterall! I've met many different people in my Salesforce journey thus far, from all different parts of the ecosystem, but definitely one of the most important, has been my Account Executive, Brandon Jimenez.  We first connected by way of an introductory call when he took over our account just after we'd finished our implementation. We exchanged emails a few times, including when I had ask for some prudent advice on how to make the case to my employers to send me to TrailheaDX bootcamp. His advice helped, and when I returned, all fired up and excited, we had coffee and chatted through what I'd learned, and how he could help me going forward. We caught up at Toronto World Tour when I was m

Be An Innovator: Electric Lady

Admins have long been the heroes of their orgs, but at the Dreamforce 2018 #AwesomeAdmin keynote, we were introduced to the official Admin Superpowers - Champion Productivity, Deliver Innovation and Connect Experiences. Of course an Admin will utilise all of these powers, although we all have our speciality - I'm proud to say mine is Champion Productivity! But like any curious Admin, I'm always looking for ways to amp up my superpowers and never stop learning, and as luck would have it, there's a great new opportunity to learn more about Delivering Innovation through the "Be an Innovator" challenge! Over 6 videos, the #AwesomeAdmin team, with some help from the Einstein product team will be posting videos and providing guidance to walk through how to build an AI-powered app. Along the way there are Trailhead badges to earn, and fun prizes to win too! I participated in the Be a Builder challenge earlier in the year, which was very similar