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Truth Hurts: I'm bad at taking exams

I'm the first to admit, I am terrible with exams and auditions. My anxiety gets the better of me, and I start going down silly superstitious paths, when really the only thing that can help is how well I know the material. Last week, I passed my Platform App Builder Certification exam! This is something I've been working towards since 2019. I first took the exam in 2019, and failed, and then put it off. But recently I've been studying and felt I was ready... except I failed it again last Tuesday. Not wanting to let my anxiety get the better of me, and knowing I was really close to passing, I decided to try again last Thursday, and I passed! I decided to to modify my behaviour, which I know can be a challenge for anxiety sufferers, and it paid off, so I thought I'd put together a list of what worked for me and how I was able to leverage my exam failure to turn it into a pass. There are many blog posts out there with advice on how best to pass your exam, but I figured I