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Dreamforce 2022: Rolling in the Deep

 I know it's been a long time between drinks, but I'm back! The past few years have been rough on well, everyone, but for me in particular it's taken a huge toll on my mental health and wellbeing. So all that to say, I'm back! I was lucky enough to attend Dreamforce 2022, my first conference event time visiting the US since Dreamforce 2019!  Now, I struggle with anxiety, and have since I was a kid, and I'm as much an introvert as I am an extrovert, so these events can take their toll on me, but I left feeling invigorated. Here are my highlights: #1 The Family Reunion Dreamforce is always a Family Reunion, but this year felt extra special. It felt like no time had passed since last seeing my fellow Trailblazers, but then it's also hard to remember that it was literally three years ago. I know that we're still not through the pandemic, but it felt really good to have a sense of normalcy and be around wonderful people and learning all the things. In particular,