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Two WIT, Eh?: The Lady is a Vamp

Throughout my Salesforce journey so far, I have met so many amazing Women in Technology pretty much every where I've been. When I first started dipping my toe in the water of the Ohana, I discovered the Two WIT podcast, and worked my way through their back catalogue over a few weeks. It was during this time that I added something to the long term goal section of my Salesforce notebook - "guest on the Two WIT podcast". It also happens that the next entry on my long term goals list was for "Ontario Dreamin", and this was a few months before I found out there were others with the same goal. Wonderful WIT, Misty Jones had told me I should get in contact with local Toronto MVP Geoff Flynn, and coincidentally we ended up with the same Trailblazer Community booth shift at Toronto World Tour last year. A few weeks later, I received an email from Sarah Deutsch Thornton saying that Geoff suggested she get in touch with me to talk about a Canadian Dreamin event. W

Lightning Champions: Thunderstruck

Lightning is coming. That's right - with the Winter 20 release, Lightning will be turned on by default We all knew this day would come... so with that in mind, there's no better time to become a Lightning Champion! I joined the program in July of 2018 and have had some amazing opportunities and experiences since then. It has been such a success that applications had to be closed, but they are back open until January 31! With the re-opening of applications, I thought I'd check in with program coordinators Chelsea Kaufman and Kelly Walker to find out how the program came time life. Starting only last year, the Lightning Champion program began with several Salesforce team members wanting to help give us Trailblazers a way to share  passion and experience for rolling out the Lightning Experience, or building apps on the Lightning Platform, with the community. So why become a Lightning Champion? I joined as I was looking for more ways to contribute to the community, n

Self Care Series: New Day Come

So I'm going to be completely honest... I didn't do a whole lot over the holidays... but it was just what I needed! Even though I feel like I say this every, 2018 was a crazy year... and I was grateful for the week and a half to recharge.  I spent some time studying, and was considering sitting the Platform App Builder exam before the end of the year, but after chatting it through with my perpetually supportive husband, I decided to push it back to 2019. I'm not quite where I'd like to be for some of the topics, and why rush? I've been in the eco system for a but over a year, and I already have one cert.  Sometimes we have to make decide whether to push ourselves, or whether to recharge... and I chose to recharge... and I have absolutely no regrets.  I had my birthday and participated in a range of self care from getting a massage, to getting my nails done, as well as two Superhero movies and Thai food! So now it's officially 2019, a new da